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Wednesday Nov. 8th   1:10 pm


Cibele , code name #babynymph, believes that happiness only exists if it is shared. Along with her friend Daiana,  Cibele wants to have an unforgettable weekend and share every minute. She just did not imagine that this could become a matter of life or death. 

Dir. Aldo Pedrosa     80 min.    Narrative Feature


An actor faces racial problems during his youth and he gives up his dream to prevent others from experiencing similar hardships.

Dir.  Majid Aikhatib     13 min.   Narrative Short

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                BLOCK #26

Wednesday Nov. 8th   3:15 pm

Escape the Dark

January 03, 2023

Two two sets of roommates experience mysterious events while battling their own personal demons. 


Dir. Ben DeLoose  and Matthew Chilelli.      100 min.     Horror Feature

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                BLOCK #27

Wednesday Nov. 8th   5:15 pm

Papi Runs

A coming of age story of a young latin man forced to come to terms with his father’s need to escape social and political barriers when it emerges in himself.

Dir. Ariel Zucker    5 min.    Music Video

Beauty School

A young girl learns what it takes to behave like a woman with a little help from her older cousin, and the beauty industry.

Dir. Samantha Shada    11 min.    


Penny and her therapist battle her phobia of balloons through psychological experimentation. However, it's not the balloon itself... it's the clown-like serial killer it represents.

Dir. Mitchell Slan     14 min.    Horror Short


"Stand" is an anthem power song similar to Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" that encourages the listener to simply stand for what they believe in. The video follows 5 kids throughout their day as they try to achieve their dreams and passions.

Dir. Robin Lin       4 min.      Music Video

The Little Truth

An  L.A. couple, Romeo (from Italy) and Julia (from Germany) suffer from culture clash and are getting sick of each other. And it's all about to come to a head over lunch. 

Dir. Stefan Mandachi    15 min.    Narrative Short

The Pretender

Desperate to live life in a wheelchair, an unlikely friendship mobilizes this solitary man to cut off what's been holding him back.

Directed by Nathan Morse    26 min.    Narrative Short

Guys are Such Prudes

A double date between two guys and two girls questions everything we think we know about gender roles in the dating game.

Dir.  Stephen Schlager     11 min.     Comedy Short

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                BLOCK #28

Wednesday Nov. 8th   7:15 pm

Curtsy, Mister

The story of a young boy trapped in a pair of slingback shoes. Ronnie Grant worked in the fashion industry  alongside such names as Francesco Scavullo, Diana Ross, Cher and Miles Davis, just to name a few. On his journey he overcomes molestation, heroin addiction and the  deaths of his father, mother and brother, Cary.

Dir. Angela Robinson Witherspoon     90 min.   Documentary

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                BLOCK #29

Wednesday Nov. 8th   9:30 pm

Man of a Funny Age

A comedian struggling with middle age and a career that has lost it's spark but still needs to give the appearance of success.

Dir. Joey Medina    26 min.   Comedy

Death, Sammie Baker and a Loaded .38

A young man stuck in a rut decides the solution to his woes is to end it all. On the night he has chosen to 'do the deed' he is visited by an overworked Death who tries to show him life might still be worth living.

Dir. Michael E. Pitts    13 min.   Narrative Short

Angel Bullet

Cold blooded, ruthless killer Jane meets with her fixer Quinn, to receive the toughest contract hit of her life: To murder a crime syndicate boss  and his enforcer. Jane takes a lover along the way, who holds a mystery that ties their ordeal to the hit.

Dir Benji Stinson      19:37  min.    Narrative Short

Then What Happened?

After being unexpectedly dumped by his boyfriend, unemployed Derek, a Black, gay thirty-something, is forced to move in with two of his straight former college acquaintances Marko, a smart ass Serbian transplant and Chris, an all-American musical theater performer.

Dir.  Theo Breaux    28:25      TV Pilot

Glass Ceiling

Two contract killers seek revenge when they discover that they've been underpaid because they're women.

Dir. Tash Ann     12:12  min.     Narrative Short

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