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             BLOCK #20

Tuesday, Nov. 7th  1:00 pm

Angels of the Sky

The true life story of WWII pilots from the 8th Air Force, who were shot down over German territory and became POWs...told through the survivors themselves!

Dir. Trent McGee     90 min.      Documentary feature

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             BLOCK #21

Tuesday, Nov. 7th  3:15 pm


The year is1829.  Investigator Yakov Guro discovers that the violent epileptic seizures of young author Nikola Gogol produce visions containing clues that could help solve rimes. Together, they take on a particularly weird and baffling case that brings them to  the small village of Dikanka, where everyone has a huge secret to hide.

Dir. Egor Baranov     48 min.  TV Pilot


Cally Claremont, the adult child of an alcoholic and a recovering perfectionist, must seek help from a famously sober rock star - and his agent, Cally's estranged sister - in order to save her unique treatment center from closing its doors.

Dir. Carly Keyes   46 min.    TV Pilot

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             BLOCK #22

Tuesday, Nov. 7th  5:15 pm

Your Date is Here

After dusting off an old Mystery-Date style board game, a mother and daughter realize the game holds more evil than amusement.

Dir. Todd Spence and Zak White     7 min.    Horror Short

The Modern Man is Beat

In the post 911 world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan tries to pawn his last possession and reconcile with his American wife.

Dir. Alex Merkin      17:12 min.     Narrative Short

Lazy Circles

There is always something crazy happening in the little town of Goshe, Oklahoma. The house-raiding librarian  burns books, the mayor 's citizen arrest machine catches perverts and deadly storms are tracked by a weatherman’s nose. Inspired by true stories and experiences from Emmy award-winning, Oklahoma brothers, Marcus and Lucas Ross, 

Dir. Marcus Ross    40 min.    TV Pilot


A thief steals a camera that he later discovers contains photos of a hideous crime. Now he and his girlfriend fear they are the next target as the photographer seeks revenge.

Dir. Lance Reha       19:21     Horror Short

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             BLOCK #23

Tuesday, Nov. 7th  7:30 pm

Black Cat

When a near-decade old murder case involving a movie star threatens to re-open, adult child Duke Moody decides to make a true crime documentary, financed by his mother.

Dir. Peter Pardini    85 min.   Narrative Feature

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             BLOCK #24

Tuesday, Nov. 7th  9:40 pm

Daughters of Virtue

A lonely housewife fears for her life when a women's prayer group meeting turns into a fanatical intervention to rid her soul of evil.

Michael Escobedo     12:22  min.    Horror Short

Mommy Heist

Three New York single moms rob a jewelry store to save their families from financial ruin. Their super powers: a gun... and a baby!

Dir. Anna Gutto     13 min      Comedy Short


A romantic date night goes horribly wrong when a couple debates the validity of horror film plots.

Dir. Marc Cartwright     13 min.    Horror Short

Hush Hush

How do you explain to your parents that you have bodies buried in the back yard? 

Dir.  Tom Nolle    12 min.      Horror Comedy Short  

Ticket Like a Man

An insecure parking officer feels too guilty to successfully issue parking tickets. Starring Arden Myrin (Shameless, /MADtv/Chelsea Lately) and Ryan Powers.

Dir. Jacob  Johnston    10 min.     Comedy Short

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