Thursday, Block #28 - 2 pm to 4 pm

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Ethically Ambiguous?

As he goes on auditions, a multi-racial actor navigates the complexities of 'looking' the part. 

Dir. Richard McDonald    12 min.


Yellow follows ten characters over the course of a seemingly ordinary afternoon in an art gallery, as each experiences a crossroads in their lives.

Dir. Sarah Deakins     34 min.


A manically depressed costumed superhero panhandles his way through life in Hollywood while the dark realities of success and fame slowly encroach on his perception of reality.

Dir. Landon Williams     17 min.

A Moment in Black History

A different take on how the Trans-Atlantic slave trade could have happened...

Dir. Peter Darbey       4 min.

Punch the Coyote

When a tough guy wakes up with no memory, no clothes, and a coyote nipping at his heels, he must choose whether to run, or fight for his life. 

Dir. Mathew Carr       15 min.


When an overzealous dress shirt lands a role in a Hollywood film, he thinks his dreams have come true, but soon realizes you should be careful what you wish for.

Dir. Tom Cavanaugh    6 min.


Two marshals get more than they bargained for while transporting a high profile witness.

Dir. Jeremy Guarisco     8 min. 

  Block 29 4:30 to 6:30

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The Present and the Passed

An intersection of two lives at a crucial moment where everything is not what it seems. Life and death is juxtaposed against a backdrop of daily monotony and a missed chance at empathy.

Dir. Teresa Langley, Grace McAlister 

7 min.

Strange City: A Web Series

An ancient magical skull alters the reality of all who come into its possession, forcing them to deal with what they fear most - themselves.

Dir. Anthony Sisco

20 min.

Alto Nido

Two women live in pursuit of their Hollywood dreams during different eras within the same iconic apartment.

Dir. Joanna Bartling

12 min.

The Possessed Waiter

A couple is fortunate enough to to get a table at a popular restaurant along with the most requested waiter, who just happens to be possessed.

Dir.  Marcus Kiehl
13 min.


With a $180,000 grand prize video game competition approaching, it's time to get serious about playing games. 

Dir. John Hawthorne Smith

21 min.


A man walks home after a late night poker game and passes an old style phone booth. The phone rings. Should he answer it?

Dir. David R. Hardberger

9 min.

A Play

Two friends go to see a play and realize just how terrifying supporting the arts can be.

Dir. Nino Mancuso

10 min.

Block #30 - 7:30 to 9:30 pm

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Tribute to Sally Kirkland

We are thrilled to be able to honor Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland at the festival this year. We will show some clips of Sally's work, do a Q&A and present her with a lifetime achievement award. 

Awards Ceremony

Who will win a "Shermie?"  For the first four years of the festival, it was held at the CAP Theater on Ventura in Sherman Oaks. Since technically we were a few blocks from Studio City we decided to pay homage to Sherman Oaks by naming an award after the city. And that is how the "Shermie" was born.  This year, of course, we are at the Laemmle, where we hope to be for years to come.