Sunday, Nov. 11th

BLOCK #10 - 1:00 TO 3:00 PM

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Devastated after losing Russell, his dog and best friend, a young man finds purpose in his life by saving the lives of rescue dogs.

Dir. Jon Mancinetti

17 min.

Loss and Found

The challenges facing a group of immigrants as they pursue the "American Dream."

Dir. Rani Sa'ar

32 min.


A group of Baby Boomer ex-hippies face the onslaught of old age.

Dir. Sara Caldwell & Nancy Hendrickson

10 min.


When three people are introduced to the "Better Earth Program," they learn that one of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Dir. Michael Gavino

8 min.

For the Greater Good

The story of Angela's life - the one she has and the one she wishes she could have.

Dir. Alicia Coppola

10 min.

Between Us

After an unarmed black teen is killed, James and Maddie argue about whether they should explain police brutality to their 9-year-old son.

Dir. Marlon Perrier

16 min.

The Talk

A middle-aged man trapped under hypnosis believes it's still the '80s as he pursues his now divorced high school crush.

Dir. Jefferson Donald

10 min.

That '80s Guy

BLOCK #11 - 3:05 TO 5:05 PM

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A commitment phobic girl can't decide if telling the truth is a good idea when dating a professional liar.

Dir. Michael Thibault

105 min.

Clocking the T

BLOCK #12 - 5:15 TO 7:15 PM

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A woman re-visits old memories while traveling on a train.

Dir. Eve Constance

5 min.

The Passenger

A comedic slice of life seen through the eyes of three women who work on a Santa Monica juice truck.

Dir. Mecca White

17 min.

Juice Truck

A black blended family tries to live a normal life in the all-white suburb of Roswell, Georgia. 

Dir. Kyle Romanek

30 min.


A post-grad millennial is on the hunt for a job that will meet her lofty expectations.

Dir. Erika Wester

5 min. 


When an apartment building goes condo, two neighbors - an uptight young woman and a free-spirited elderly widow- purchase a co-op and learn to live together.  A live performance of a passage from the comedy script of Staci Greason and Joe Gironda. 

5 MIN.

Bobbi & Olivia

After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, Raymond must figure out how to break the news to his family.

Dir. Madeline O'Hara

18 min.


A black teenager faces some adjustments when he transfers from his predominately white school to an all-black school.

Dir. Edward Worthy

14 min.


BLOCK #13 - 7:30 TO 9:30 PM

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A stranger targets Eric and his boyfriend while they are camping. 

Dir.  Gregory L. Williamson

22 min.

Private Life

A deranged ex-convict takes a dysfunctional family hostage at Thanksgiving dinner. He may be getting more than than he bargained for with this bunch.

Dir. Abby Walla

15:25 min.

Holiday Hostage

A superstitious woman begins to suspect that her house is being haunted by the spirits of former residents who were brutally murdered.


Dir. Adam Jay Ung

24 min.

The Spirit Room

A journalist finds herself in way over her head as she uncovers a dangerous truth.

Dir. Roxanna Dunlop

9 min.

Broad Daylight

After a drunken weekend in Vegas, lifetime friends discover they accidentally got married.

Dir. Antonio Leon

28 min.


BLOCK #14 - 9:45 TO 11:15 PM

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A road-rage incident incites a Middle-Eastern man to invade the home of a young, affluent couple, initiating an exploration of preconceptions and misconceptions. 

Directed by Randy Feldman

84 minutes.

Know Your Enemy