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Saturday Nov. 4th 1:00 

Barely Professional

Cameron, a newly hired employee at a tech staffing company, ventures into "the corporate world"and soon crosses paths with  an intriguing secretary, Maya.

Dir.  Tal Kissos      25:30    TV Pilot

Sunset Bar

A struggling British couple new to Los Angeles unexpectedly inherit a seedy dive bar and its suspicious inhabitants.

Dir. John Scott   22 min.   TV Pilot

Morning After

After a long time abroad, a young man returns home and reunites with friends. A sensual game amongst them forces him to confront deep conflicts within himself that lead to a powerful awakening. 

Dir.  Patricia Chica      15 min.       Web Series


When fragments of the past come to haunt him, a man’s chilling secret surfaces.

Dir. Serge Rocco    11min.         Narrative Short


A bright day and tragic night in the life of a pinata.

Dir. Frank H. Woodward    4 min.   Comedy Short


Every woman in a position of power has been called a bitch at least once. Gina is no different, and to an outsider looking in, it may seem that she is a complete bitch of a boss, but the reality is that her employees are engaging in unethical activities and she's under a lot of pressure to figure out the truth and do what's right.

Dir. Robin Conly     11 min.   Narrative Short

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              BLOCK #6

Saturday Nov. 4th 3:00 

Cold Water

Things are not going well for Alice Fuller. She is thirty two years old with no marketable skills and no friends, her catering business is tanking, she’s freaked out by her boyfriend’s attempts to get closer to her, and now she has to spend a week at a cabin with the last people on earth she wants to see: her family.

Dir. David Zelina    90 min.   

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              BLOCK #7

Saturday Nov. 4th    5:15 

A Midwestern Methamphetamine Fairytale

Chloe has been surrounded by drugs and violence for so long she doesn’t even know life without them. Her life is always on the run, helping her mother score more drugs.  To cope, she has created a fantasy world where she is a princess and her mother is a queen.

Directed by Sean Martinez   24 min.   Narrative Short


A single mother (Rachel Barker, Miss New Hampshire 2007) struggles to raise her 8 year-old son, Caleb (Luke Bedsole), who seems to be going out of his way to make her life a living hell.

Dir. Michael Lewis Foster       23:22 min    Horror Short

Letters from Alcatraz

It's Christmas Eve 1962 and like many 15-year-olds, Belle Baker wakes up in eager anticipation of the ​holiday. But things are different for Belle​, who lives on Alcatraz Island with her prison-guard father and has been secretly trafficking letters for an inmate since her mother passed a year ago.​ 

Dir.  Madeline Rozwat   20 min.    Narrative Short

Cafe Di Vang

On the morning of his birthday, Jim, a local real estate developer, reluctantly visits a coffee shop in Little Saigon, where he enters a world he never even knew existed. What he discovers there will change his life.  

Dir. Marco Liu   15 min.   Narrative Short

Tiny Mammals

Beth Grant (No Country for Old Men) narrates this haunting Southern gothic tale of 12-year-old twins Sophia and Jacob, who set out to sell "special bibles"... until the storm comes. Starring Sophia Lillis (Stephen King's It) and Lucy Walters (Power).

Dir. Dagny Looper   8 min.     Narrrative Short

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The Importance of Being Andy

Andy McKenna was once a pioneer of the Reality TV world but his career  was cut short by scandals. He now communicates with the outside world through webcams, computer screens and voice texts. Today is the opening of his comeback show but an unknown caller has a different idea, dragging Andy back to a dark place and into the brink of insanity.

Dir. James D.R. Hickox    25 min.  Narrative Short

Still Hunt

An annual hunting trip takes a dangerous turn as a lovelorn divorced man discovers he may have been betrayed by one of his hunting buddies.

Dir. Douglas Harms    23:22 min.    Narrative Short


A young Hutterite girl growing up in a patriarchal Anabaptist commune yearns for an education. She must choose between the security of her life in the colony and the freedom of the outside world.

Dir. Rebecca Flinn   26 min.  Narrative Short

Hug it Out

Post-divorce and seriously broke, Gwen moves to LA and takes a reluctant deep-dive into the odd, hilarious subculture of professional snuggling. Challenged by her longstanding intimacy issues and the unique array of snuggling clients, Gwen will be forced to shift her perspective in order to cope -- and maybe even thrive -- in this bizarre new life.

Dir. Jason Eksuzian    15 min.  Comedy Web Series

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              BLOCK #8

     Saturday Nov. 4th  7:15 pm

              BLOCK #9

     Saturday Nov. 4th   9:30 pm 


Adopted brothers Jody and Ronnie go to extreme measures to save their gay dad’s family business by “wrestling” on the local circuit. Fighting for acceptance and unity they try to preserve the only stability they’ve ever known.


Dir. Ryan Bottiglieri      90 min.   Comedy Feature

Ananas Comosus

George has an unusual job with an unusual uniform. George has things he needs to get done after work. George forgets to change his clothes.

Dir. Tyler Nisbet     3:20 min.    Comedy Short

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