Saturday Nov. 10th             Block #5  1:00 to 3:00 pm 

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Music Video by the Eric Ekstrand Ensemble.

Dir. Eric Ekstrand

4:25 min.

How About You?

A convenience store clerk has a hero's double life.

Dir. Kevin Murray

8 min.

For Love

Cats and growing up in a Beverly Hills Show Biz family.

Dir. Fredrica Duke

32 min.

Six Degrees of Pussy

During a therapy session, a young man relives the moment he witnessed a family get murdered.

Directed by Brandon Doo

7 min.

The Truth

Based on a true story of a young boy battling bullying, disability and loneliness

Dir. Abel Goldfarb

9:47 min.


The suicide of his partner drives a detective to learn a life lesson from his police therapist.

Dir. Steve Daron

27  min

All that Matters

        Block #6  3:15 to 5:00 pm 

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Emily suffers in a toxic relationship but things begin to change when a mysterious woman suddenly appears in her life.

Dir. Danica Dodds

30 min.

Orange Blossoms

Two wedding cake toppers come to life in a bakery, and escape to find their own happily ever after.

Dir. Avery Herzog

11 min.

Moved to Tiers

Two spies chasing each other wind up in a theater audition.

Dir. Ben Cunis

6 min.

Once More with Feeling

An American motivational speaker questions the very nature of his existence at a hotel in Latvia.


Dir. Monika Ivonne

12 min.

Hotel Latvia

A confrontation over morality leads to a crisis of faith for a church volunteer.

Dir. Ryan Turri

25 min.

Mrs. Murphy's Confession

 Block #7  5:15 to 7:15 pm 

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Four Howard graduates open a coffee shop in Washington D.C. and discover it's not so easy being black entrepreneurs in a diverse community.

Dir. Jason Perez

19 min.

Black Coffee

A young writer's life is mysteriously impacted by a bullied high school girl.

Dir. Jenna Kanell

14 min.


The ending is only the beginning as lovers reunite when one of them gets a new lease on life and love.

Dir. John Eddins

20 min.

Pretty Ass White Girl

A bratty ten-year-old girl learns a SCARY lesson about opening her gifts before Christmas morning.

Dir. Dawn Fields

9 min. 

Evie's Christmas Gift

In the overpopulated future, a woman tries to prevent population control agents from taking her babies away

Dir. Yuval Shrem

9 min.

The Babies

A 40-something actress finds it difficult to always act "Age Appropriate."

Dir Stuart Rogers

4 min.

Age Appropriate

By the grace of Dieu, Sven and Chantal decide to spend one last night with their dad - before his funeral.

Dir. Kevin Van Doorslaer

15 min.

Rendezvous with God

    Block 8 - 7:15

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A man is abducted and tortured for being a secret agent - or is he really an insurance agent?

Dir. Frank Crim

9 min.

Home Auto Life

A would-be standup inherits her uncle's comedy club.

Dir. Zoe Mocanin

32 min.


An angel arrives in Brooklyn looking to bridge the gap between police and minorities.

Dir. Marcellus Cox

13 min.


When her mother dies, Julie discovers the man she thought was her father is not her real father. But are blood ties that important?

Dir. Gilbert Cecilia

15 min.


A bank robber grabs a hostage and brings her to his cabin where he discovers she's more than he bargained for.

Dir. Venita Ozols-Graham

13 min.

Amy's in the Freezer

A high school girl's guide on how to get a boyfriend.

Dir. Leo Chor

8 min.

How to Get a Boyfriend

  Block #9  9:15 to 11:15 pm 

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Two strangers help an abused woman and in turn, learn something about themselves.

Dir. Donald Lacy

29 min.

Hidden Treasure

Chase discovers the violent history of the house his family just moved into.


Dir. Tyler Reeves

13 min.

Don't Open the Chest

The American dream has eluded a middle-aged man as he tries to find refuge in alcohol.

Dir. Brionne Davis

14 min.


In a small Irish town where secrets are rare, a local man goes to church to confess his.

Dir. Paul Horan

16 min.

Bless Me Father

A young girl coerced into sex-trafficking yearns to escape the emotional cage of her pimp.

Dir. Daniel Sima

15 min.

Modern Slave

A teenager tries to cope with the loss of his parents who were deported back to their native country.

Dir. Matthew Baquero

4 min.

Trevian - Till They're Back

The campaign of a candidate who hopes to be the first 100% black president.

Dir. Joel Kipnis & Leon Robinson

20 min.

Make America Black Again