BLOCK 1, Friday, Nov. 8th 1 pm

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Sycamore Valley's odd-couple realtors, Cece and Simon, are back and this time it looks like they've got a real shot at friendship when they realize they have more in common than they once thought. Dir. Marisa Luz.

Sycamore Valley


Growing resentment between brothers leads to tragic consequences. Over the course of three holiday gatherings, tensions caused by strained family bonds and social inequity boil over into jealousy, deception and betrayal.

The Turner Exhibit

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We are so immersed in the process of creating our ideal virtual personality that we forget about real life. We forget the simple truth that beauty is inside.
Dir. Arthur Balder

American Mirror


Auto the robot discovers he is to be replaced by new and improved robots -- something he refuses to accept, and takes murderous action to prevent.

Dir. Garo Setian         91 min.


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After meeting at a trade show, tentative, 40-something Paul accepts the offer of a night cap from the gorgeous 20-something Julia but is she really interested in him or is there something else that she’s after? 

Dir. Jonathan Digby       12 min.


BLOCK 2, Nov. 8th 3:15 pm

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 A disillusioned young girl learns that heroes can be flawed yet still be heroes and that life can’t be boiled down to one-line platitudes.

Dir. Charlotte Wincott       17:30 min.


26 year old Alex is in a constant state of being somewhere between an absolute train-wreck and almost having her sh*t together. Trying to be a real grown up can be tough. 

Dir. Francisco Ramirez      27 min.

Fruit Fly

This film offers a specific solution to reverse climate change that centers around the daily choices everyone makes. 

Dir. Jane Velez-Mitchell      53 min.

Countdown to Year Zero

BLOCK 3, Nov. 8th 5:30 pm

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BLOCK 4, Nov. 8th 7:45 pm

A  pathetic failed musician plots bloody revenge against the new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend.

Dir. Pablo Riquelme       19 min.

Heads will Roll

A Machiavellian middle manager toys with his employees in this send-up of Corporate America.

Dir. Alex Wroten     12:34 min

The Mismanagement of Medwin Monroe

Intimacy has no #filter…and neither does Miss D.   


Dir.  Becca Silbert,  Ben Hatt     5 min.                               

One Degree of Miss D.

The scars of old relationships keep J trapped inside her new home. While hanging a piece of art, she knocks a hole in her wall that reveals what might be a hidden room.

Dir. Janina Gavankar, Russo Schelling


"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" goes bad. Randy finds an app to solve his families mobile technology distraction problem.

Dir. Eric Dyson      20 min.

appy Days

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After being asked to place a ten thousand dollar bet on a racehorse, James and Eoin make the fatal mistake of pocketing the money. The two Irish emigres face crisis when Misty Button comes in at 35-1.

Dir. Seanie Sugrue    88 min.

Misty Button

An unassuming school teacher is relentlessly pursued by hired assassins- but they are about to get much more than they bargained for.

Dir. Jeremy Weiss      14 min.

The Teacher

BLOCK 5, Nov. 8th 9:30 pm

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