A young lonely man gets a letter from a long lost friend that changes his life forever.    

Dir. Ty Jones       28 min.

The Promise

To the outside world, Mary, John and their daughter Annie seem like a happy family. But, within the walls of their home, it is far from happy. As the mother and child struggle to find their voices they realize that no one should live in fear.

Dir. Patricia Frontain     20 min.

The Follower

Rumors have leaked over the Internet that American multi-billionaire Leo Richter is dying and looking for a single person to inherit his massive $82 billion fortune. People from every part of the world, are asked to send in a video explaining why they are worthy of inheriting his fortune.

Dir. Marty Shea      15 min.

A Billion to One

The system of checks and balances no longer exists, as a dictator rises to power and changes the complete landscape of America. The emperor has no clothes, but no one will tell him, so life becomes more dangerous for those who are not deemed acceptable.‬

Dir. Michele Lyman        12:30 min.


This music video takes you on a journey into the everyday lives of the two brothers known as The Drive, who escape their menial, mundane day jobs by losing themselves in the possibilities of where their music can take them.

Dir. Dan Cooley         5 min.

The Drive - Faithless

Inspired by conversations with fellow artists who have diverse relationships to the African Diaspora. These discussions highlighted how we all feel lost in different ways, because history, slavery, colonialism & fear have left many of us feeling disconnected, searching for something we can’t fully articulate.

Dir. Greg Osei            6 min.

Searching for Wonder

K.R.A.P. follows the eclectic young staff of a children's theater school in Los Angeles, CA.

Dir. Brynn Chamblee, Hayley Holmes 

20 min.  


BLOCK 29, Thurs. Nov. 14th  1:30 pm

Nine young black men exercise their power to change history.

Dir.  Fr3deR1cK, Fr3deR1cK   50 min.

Counter Histories: Rock Hill

As they drive to San Francisco, married couple Angie and Danny debate a decision that will change their lives forever.

Dir. Leon Cheo     11 min.


Lee Ann embarks on a cinematic road trip through iconic California, all shot frame by frame in rarely seen before rear projection stop motion. The combination of real backgrounds shot on location mixed with hand-crafted miniature foregrounds make this a really unique film.

Dir. Chris Ullens   5 min.

Lee Ann Womack's Hollywood

Horror-comedy film about the insecurities and overthinking that TV shows, religion, culture and belief systems create in us during male-female relationships.

Dir.  Mikel Arraiz     4 min.

Kiss me Malibu

A first-generation Chinese-American woman mourns her immigrant father by following the traditional family recipe that she learned from him as a little girl.

Dir. Elaine Zhang    2:30 min

A Family Recipe 

Two persons going through the emotions that come with the loss of love and how they ultimately make peace with that reality.

Dir. Diego Aldabaldetrecu      5 min.


When seemingly perfect boyfriend Duke decides to perform a one-man show his horrified girlfriend, Jinnifer has no choice but to fake her own death to avoid seeing it.

Dir. Carly-Ann Giene    10 min.

Death Planner

BLOCK 30, Thurs. Nov. 14th  4:15 pm

7:30 to 9:30

Awards Show

BLOCK 31, Thurs. Nov. 14th  7:30 pm