BLOCK 21, Tues., Nov. 12th  1:00 pm

F#cking 40

By 40 you'd think most men would have figured out a thing or two about life. But for four childhood friends navigating (mid)life in LA, turning 40 only proves that nobody has any f#cking clue what they're doing.

Dir. Bill Caco       15 min.

Home Turf

An unlikely sisterhood that forms in the beige-toned half-basement of a foster home for “problem” teenage girls in the year 2000.

Dir. Mara Joly      15 min.

Exhibit Man

A police forensic photographer known as the exhibit man discovers some town folk have been infected by an alien.

Dir. Trevor Mirosh      28 min.


Gordon does not want to freeze during his dinner date, but his secret is making him nervous.  He has snakes for hair with a bad habit of turning people into stone. Will he find love or is this a date with disaster?

Dir. Carlos Mejia, Kevin Barwick  7 min.

BLOCK 21-A, Tues. Nov. 12th  2:30 pm


Equity Crowd Funding

with David Jay Willis

Director/Producer David Jay Willis is a veteran TV writer and director of award-winning short films and plays, and the first person in the U.S. to successfully raise money through Equity Crowdfunding to make a feature-length film. He started with only $2,000 for the project, and six months later concluded his campaign with over $1 million raised — despite having no social media presence, no marketing experience, and never having done a crowdfunding campaign before. The movie that resulted, the delightful family comedy “I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas,” was released worldwide in December of 2018, and is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

Unlike crowdfunding with Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Equity Crowdfunding campaigns do not focus on donations from friends and family, but on the hundreds of thousands of interested investors already on approved platforms. Because of this, the average Equity Crowdfunding campaign is almost twice as likely to be successful and raises more than ten times the average Kickstarter campaign.

BLOCK 22, Tues., Nov. 12th  3:30 pm

Ring of Fire

Callie puts on her best poker face while she embarks on the run from Los Angeles through the desert, with nothing but her Toyota Solara and a pack of cigarettes. 

Dir. Tracy Kleeman    12 min.

Appy Days

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" goes bad. Randy finds an app to solve his family's mobile technology distraction problem.

Dir. Eric Dyson     20 min.

Twelfth Round

After his pregnant wife's lymphoma medicine is canceled, an African-Australian boxer must illegally procure enough medication to carry their baby to term.

Dir. Nir Shelter     16 min.

I am Evelyn Rose

Following a dramatic breakup, Evelyn Rose, an awkward 16-year-old, gets sent to her Grandma Carly's house for the summer to learn about love, friendship, and life after 60.

Dir. Becca Flinn-White   10:30 min.

The System

A group of teenagers clash with overzealous police as "The War on Drugs” expands into a middle-class suburban community.

Dir. Michael Cruz      29 min.

3 Days

When three women friends sense danger on a camping trip, they keep each other laughing until a horrible twist makes them feel more alone than ever.

Dir. Julie Sharbutt    12 min.


Vera is a young Romanian woman who has been deceived and forced into prostitution. Jon, after a terrible loss is looking to escape his current reality. When they meet they will be compelled to make decisions that will change them both forever.

Dir. Mikaela Bruce     15 min.

BLOCK 23, Tues., Nov. 12th  6:00 pm

Far from Ordinary

David Thompson is an unassuming outsider who is about to embark on a big-time project that will change his life forever. 

Dir. Paul Bugarin  13:30 min

Now I Know

When Emily watches her best friend, Liza, kiss another girl at a high school party, she begins to question everything.

Dir. Julia Angley       8 min.


When growing up in a community where gang violence is a way of life and Basketball is a way to escape it.

Dir. Anthony C. Hall    15 min.


A homeless young man struggles to find his place in the world and make sense of a traumatic childhood.

Dir. Sandra Tamkin    12 min.

Give it Up

A comedian faces the stark reality of his employment options when he considers retiring from show business.

Dir. Matt Knudsen      6 min.

Patch of Grass

A young aspiring musician lost in a mundane world finds hope in a new friendship.

Dir. Shawyon Fazel       19 min.

Boys & Girls: The Series

Brooklyn and Cam are two young NYC adults trying to get together and navigate their way through life, love, and SEX in the city that never sleeps BUT there is just one problem.....their HORMONES!

Dir. Darik Bernard     21 min.


Jack, a mysterious loner, is confronted by an unexpected visitor, one who threatens to bring the demons of his past crashing down on his idyllic new life.

Dir. Jesse Lin   19 min.

BLOCK 24, Tues., Nov. 12th  8:45 pm

Exit 0

A young couple go on a weekend getaway, to help fix their struggling relationship. Things soon go bad, when he discovers a videotape of a murder that occurred in the very same hotel room.

Dir. E.B. Hughes     96 min.

The Witching Hour

Samantha and Jordan have been friends since they were sixteen, Jordan is a jokester. One night when Samantha calls him for some advice, she feels he takes his joking too far. She is forced to deal with the unexpected as she struggles to accept a harsh reality.

Dir. Shawnette Heard     9:30 min.