The Fox

A boy and a girl who had an affair in school reunite after more than a decade. They seek to rekindle the magic but strange twists of fate await them. (NOTE: This movie is ONE continuous shot!)

Dir. Hemwant Tiwari      94 min.


The very existence of Antarctica is now threatened by human activity. This stop motion film  revolves around the destruction produced by human pollution in the marine environment. 

Dir. Margie Kelk     8 min.

Moving on West

In February 2019 Chef Thomas Curran embarked on a 3,300 mile walk from Holden Beach, North Carolina to Newport Beach, California for a moment of self-rediscovery and, more importantly, to raise money for pediatric cancer, donating all funds to the PCRF.

Dir. Seannie Cameras   4 min.

BLOCK 16, Monday, Nov. 11th 1 pm

Marriage Killer

A married couple decide to explore a "member's only night club" but quickly realize the deadly consequences of their actions.

Dir. Bernard Salzman      90 min.

The House Where I Grew Up

After the death of his older brother, Jonathan decides to visit their childhood home.

Dir. Jon Walkup     9 min.

BLOCK 17, Monday, Nov. 11th 3:15 pm

The 5th of November

A psychological thriller following Jane, a survivor of a mass shooting, as she prepares to celebrate another birthday.  

Dir. Javier Augusto Nunez     15:00 min.

The Musician

A famous violinist spends her days dressing up as a busker (street musician) and believes that sharing her music can transform lives.

Dir. Mark Schimmel   10 min.

The Happy Side

When her boss gives her an ultimatum to come in to work, a burned-out retail employee must decide whether or not to give up her "epic" day off.

Dir. Michelle Dos Santos    20 min.

The 44 Scarves of Liza Minnelli

A filmmaker purchased 44 of Liza Minnelli’s used scarves at auction and sent them to 43 friends, asking them to make images which suggested “Minnelli metaphor.” This project is the result.

Dir. Russell Brown    11 min.


Tasked with locating a French Underground transmitter, an elite German SS unit commits atrocities against their Partisan prisoners. Shamed by his involvement, one officer is compelled to leave camp and seek out the transmitter on his own hoping that, by finding the radio, he can prevent further crimes.

Dir. Jeff Fry       39:30 min.

BLOCK 18, Monday, Nov. 11th 5:30 pm

BLOCK 19, Monday, Nov. 11th 7:45 pm

Bell Canyon

 A singer/songwriter in L.A. struggles to come to terms with his lack of commercial success, and make sense of his life through music.

Dir. Lysandra Petersson   103 min.

The Mouse

Do the values that we got from our parents define who we are? A story of a hard-working family in an Israeli suburb in the seventies.

Dir. Liat Akta                12 min.

The Three Bobs

 A quirky dramedy set in Los Angeles where childhood memories and three blind dates, set up by her matchmaker bestie Tracy, leads Amanda to a new beginning.

Dir. Roxanne Marciniak     19 min.

The After Party

Skye drinks what she wants, snorts what she wants and takes who she wants. But a judgment day awaits her. 

Dir. Colin Francis Costello      18 min.

Strange Clowns

A lonely killer clown turns to online dating when ax murder just isn’t enough anymore.

Dir. Michael Paul      11 min.

BLOCK 20, Monday, Nov. 11th 10 pm