BLOCK 11, Sunday Nov. 10th 1 pm


A young boy brought up by a religious cult must choose between family and morality.

Dir. Jackson Cook    10 min.

Margaret Singer: Seeking Light

 A celebration of the art, wisdom, and journey of 97-year-old Margaret Singer.

Dir. Louise Palanker    Dir. 20 min.


A teen sees his future on the TV, and tries to avoid the inevitable.

Dir. Jackson Cook      6 min.

Dear Rosalynn

The life of former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter, as told through the eyes of Los Angeles High School students.

Dir. Sean See       69 min.


A story about a lonely penguin's quest for a refreshment on a hot and sunny South pole Sunday.

Dir. Neil Stubbings     8 min.

Is you is?

Candice and Peter will find out at Candice's birthday party if there's going to be a little addition to their twosome.

Dir. Kelly Perine, Bry Sanders    13 min.

The Crippled Crowez

The greatest band of 2003 is reunited with a whole new sound

Dir. Damon Cirulli                6 min.

Shadow at the Door

A troubled young woman searches for an intruder in her home, unaware that what she’s really looking for may be something she refuses to see.

Dir. Roshni Bhatia     4 min.

Dust to Dust

A well-known Vampire book author experiencing "writer's block" is confronted by a man claiming to be a vampire. He accuses the author of giving away his dark secrets.

Dir. Mitch Urban         9 min.

How am I doing?

A 360 degree view of the conflicts, small victories, unexpected humor and bittersweet joys of middle age against a New York city backdrop. 

Dir. Colleen Davie Janes       24 min.


Mark and T are two dudes from Brooklyn who tell convenient lies to get ahead and get laid. 

Dir. Ryan DeNardo, Thaddeus McCants

24 min.

BLOCK 12, Sunday Nov. 10th 3:15 pm


It's "The Office" meets "Scrubs" in this mockumentary that explores small-town living and the current state of the American health care system.

Dir.TJ Marchbank   19 min.

Minor Accident of War

A true story written and narrated by the man who lived it -- Edward Field, 95 yr old WWll veteran.

Dir. Diane Weis      10 min.


Two brilliant yet shortsighted scientists find themselves ill-prepared when the experiment of their lives goes horribly right.

Dir. Aaron Barrocas    15:30 min.

Blue Ford Ranger

Chaos ensues when two writers complete their story but disagree over a minor detail.

Dir. James Mair Abroms      8 min.


Over the course of a rough night, Devi, 7 years sober, must make a difficult choice between WHO she loves and WHAT she loves.

Rakefet Abergel     15 min.

Lost Treasure of the Valley

A young photographer and an adventurer discover that all of the abandoned shopping carts in LA's San Fernando Valley lead to a hidden cave off of Sepulveda Blvd. with a lost treasure inside - guarded by a dragon!

Dir. Robert Husted       25:30 min.

BLOCK 13, Sunday Nov. 10th 5:45 pm

Barney Burman's Wild Boar

A mutant boar has an axe to grind.

Dir. Barney Burman      98 min.

BLOCK 14, Sunday Nov. 10th 7:45 pm

Brutal Realty

The Summoner is a heavy metal demon rocker, but that's just his day job. He works a 9 to 5 like every other average Joe (or in this case average ghoul).

Dir. Erik Boccio     14:30

The Undeparted

Can spirits attach themselves to antique furniture?  (Documentary series pilot)

Dir. Chris McGuinness     37 min.

Serial Dater

A man has big plans for date night but things don't go as planned.

Dir. Michael May     6:30 min.


Lizzie battles to save her mother from the dark forces that have transformed her.

Dir. Kylie Eaton             14 min.

BLOCK 15, Sunday Nov. 10th 10:00 pm