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             BLOCK #15

Monday Nov. 6th  1:00 pm

Hell on Earth

Chronicling Syria’s descent into unbridled chaos and the rise of ISIS.  Academy Award nominated filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested untangle these complex issues to create an informative and compelling documentary, edited from almost 1,000 hours of footage.

Dir. Sebastian Junger  and Nick Quested   99  min   Documentary Feature

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             BLOCK #16

Monday Nov. 6th  3:15 pm

One Note at a Time

This film pays homage to the musicians who courageously returned to their hometown of New Orleans after the devastation following Hurricane Katrina.  Music can save the soul of the city, but can the musicians save themselves? The film's launch is timely because 2017 celebrates 100 years since the first known Jazz recording, and 2018 marks 300 years since the founding of New Orleans. It's also a cautionary tale with regards to the American healthcare system. 

Dir. Renee Edwards   95 min.   Documentary Feature

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             BLOCK #17

Monday Nov. 6th  5:15 pm

Frankly Rebecca

A young girl who finds solace with an imaginary friend grows into a beautiful woman and falls in love with that imaginary friend.


Dir. Shahaub Roudbari    7 min.   Comedy Short

Model Citizen

As Angie Everhart's modeling career implodes, she decides to leave Los Angeles and go home to support her father running for reelection as Mayor. When health reasons cause him to drop out, she ponders whether to run in his place.

Dir. Matt Berman     26 min.    TV Pilot

Cursed World Problems

While visiting their parents, an expecting couple discover that there is an evil gypsy curse on their family's bloodline and their unborn child is in grave danger.

Dir. Doug Hawley   9 min.   Horror Short

Reeves Road

A teenage boy meets a beautiful girl who holds a dark secret.

Dir. Alex Carl    12 min.   Narrative Short

Daro Mat (Don't be Afraid)

The Indian girl who is smart and yet devoid of opinions was never an option. The movie depicts her strength portrayed by simple thoughts.

Dir. Lakshmi Devy and Unnikrishnan Parameswaran

20 min.    Narrative Short


Loneliness + Deception = “Attraction”. David meets Kyle in a bar. Will what happens next show the consequences of “attraction”?

Dir. Robert Amico     9 min.      Narrative Short

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             BLOCK #18

Monday Nov. 6th  7:15 pm

             BLOCK #18

Monday Nov. 6th  7:15 pm

Petty Crime

A short comedy about a man driven to the edge of morality by a woman who won't take responsibility for her dog's excrement.

Dir. Knoa Knapper    17:20  min.    Comedy Short


A scorned wife is drowning her sorrows at a hotel bar that she followed her cheating husband to. She meets a married man at the bar who strikes up a conversation with her and soon becomes the one thing she needs .

Dir. Sharieff Walters      9:22 min.      Narrative Short

Origins of Life

Chaos ensues for two hitmen when their target refuses to dig his own grave.

Dir. Jonathan Latona  & and Sam Oliveri       17 min.      Narrative Short

Jake & Julia

During a one-night hotel stay, a young couple decide to pursue a spontaneous erotic fantasy.

Dir. C.J. Colando   12 min.    Comedy Short

Love Examined

Clark's anger has begun to affect his relationship with Lauren. Now she needs answers, even if Clark doesn't want to talk about his new bruises.

Dir. Alexander Vesely      9 min.    Narrative Short

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             BLOCK #19

Monday Nov. 6th  9:30 pm

In My Room

A young boy has trouble going to sleep after watching a scary movie with his dad.

Dir. Michael Trainotti     10:30 min.    Horror Short

The Son, the Father

The events on a young boy's birthday have unexpected consequences far into his future.

Dir. Lukas Hassel     14 min.    Narrative Short


Deep in the San Fernando Valley,  Foster is struggling to finish writing his latest musical, which he hopes will lead him to Broadway. But he can't keep his mind off of Danica, an actress  who dreams of ditching an abusive boyfriend and becoming a movie star. She wants to audition for Foster’s musical, but can she make him see that she has what it takes? 

Dir. La Monte Edwards   19 min.     Narrative Short

Tinder is the Night

Eddie and her three best friends are looking for love, sex, and companionship, but a string of bizarre internet meetups make them question the sanity of dating.   

Dir. Misha Calvert    11 min.  Web Series - Pilot Episode

Pee Sitting Down

Bohemian Ruby and handsome Julian are having a fabulous first date, but when Ruby  brings Julian home with her, he surprises her with his sexual proclivities. He tries to manipulate her into fulfilling his fantasies, but Ruby gets the upper hand in the film's hilarious climax.

Dir. Misha Calvert    9:00 min.      Comedy Short

Blue Eyes

A beautiful love relationship goes awry when temptations enter the scenario!

Dir. Xander Arts    3:14 min.     Music Video

Martinis at the Smoke House

Barney and Rollin, whose tumultuous time in Tinseltown has worn them to the bone, feel the need to air out their frustrations. During a vodka-soaked martini session at the legendary Smoke House restaurant, the evening takes a fateful turn when memories mix with magic to produce a destiny for the friends that's truly fit for old time Hollywood.

Dir. Joe Toppe     7:14 min.    Comedy Short

The Candle

Ryder made a wish for all of her dreams to come true, but she didn't realize it included her nightmares.

Dir. Rene Ashton    9 min.      Horror Short

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