Monday, Nov. 12th

BLOCK #15 - 2:00 TO 4:00 PM

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Somebody NEEDS You

A distracted little girl thinks she's not important. Once she sees that others around her have real problems, she discovers something new about herself.

Dir. Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon

4 min.

Seeking Rebirth

Following artist Antonio Del Prete as he creates his next masterpiece. We learn Antonio's process and the emotions he feels while creating.

Dir. Luca Pizzoleo

5 min.

You and Me

Two old friends meet and reveal their longings and hidden pasts, causing them to confront their imperfect lives. 

Dir. Mrigank Dubey

25 min.

A Friend

Sometimes you find a friend in the most unlikeliest of places.

Dir. Dan Simon

15 min.

Public Writer

In the midst of austerity, the survival of a Montreal community center is threatened.

Dir. Eric Piccoli

12  min.

Protecting Tony

Two brothers collide when the fatal actions of one has devastating consequences for the other.

Dir. Dat Nguyen

14 min.

Anna Karenina

 A successful businessman, in denial of his mental condition, receives a gift that triggers displaced memories. 

Dir. Yana Sar

15 min.

BLOCK #16 - 4:00 TO 6:00 PM

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Kitchen Sink Classic

He wants one thing... she wants another. Who's got the sharpest tool?

Dir. Lauren Shein

3 min.

Unhappy Holiday

Shot in Nashville, featuring Katie Garibaldi trying to chase the Christmas blues.

Dir. Anna Haas

4:18 min.  Music Video

The Zim

A farmer struggles to protect his home and loved ones amidst the violent turmoil of the Zimbabwean land seizures.

Dir. Alexander Bedria

18 min.

Rogues Gallery: Blame it on Toby

The strange and frightening  world of an eccentric millionaire and his doll, Toby. 

Dir. Richard Knight, Jr

22 min.

The Book Of Craig

Craig, a failed ad man, helps his new homosexual roommate, Jesus Christ, prepare for the rapture and adjust to life in the modern world.

Dir. Tyler Stuart

20 min.


Not all sins can be forgiven.


Dir. Russ Emanuel

3 min.

Back From It

A man wakes up in an abandoned hospital. He does not remember anything.  And at the end of the corridor, a man with a mouth full of blood is standing still with an arm in his hands.

Dir. Eric Piccoli

6 min.

BLOCK #17 - 6:00 TO 8:00 PM

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The Lesson

An average Joe has a break down after losing his wife and daughter in a car accident.

Dir. Joey Medina

8:30 min.


A human trafficking victim becomes a vigilante and helps the FBI take down the traffickers. 

Dir. Gustavo Sampaio

16 min. 


Adam regains consciousness and finds out that he and his friend, Katie, have survived a major car accident in the dead of an upstate New York winter. 

Dir. Matt Van Tine

24 min.


 A music video that takes a lighthearted look at obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Dir. Ken Glaser
5 min.   Music Video

The Reduction

One mistake can change your life forever. Jack slipped up and lost the girl. Will he win her back or lose his mind in the process? 

Dir. Brandon Night
11:35 min

Present Tense

It's the thought that counts. Right?

Dir.  Whit Spurgeon

5 min.

Baby Steps

Every  anniversary of his fathers suicide triggers Kenny's own battle with depression and pushes him in the same direction.

Dir. Eric Dyson

22 min. 

BLOCK #18 - 8:15 TO 10:15 PM

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The Only Flight

When a group of unwitting strangers wake up on an airplane in midair they must learn the true nature of why they were deemed enemies of the state.

Dir. Royston Innes

13 min.

Spare Me

When life gets hard, go bowling.

Dir. Bryan Stratte

23 min.

Dr. Sugar

A wealthy surgeon with a rare sexual disorder pays for sex, then, for his penance, helps women realize their dreams, hoping to be their - proverbial - last cigarette

Dir. Paul Saleba
30 min.


When you are desensitized by headlines, do you actually feel the weight of when it happens again...and again?

Dir. Kelli Wilcoxen

13 min.


A ghost hunting expedition does not go exactly as planned. It still might totally go viral.

Dir. Nick Royak

18:25 min.

Picking Back Up

At all costs, Anna attempts to get back to her long forgotten husband. The only problem is that she's locked out of her house and living in the driveway.

Dir. Westley Eldredge

11 min.