"A PLAY," "Modern Slave," "Clocking the T," "Know your Enemy," "The Spirit Room," are the Big 2018 Winners 

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Lucee Cesena interviews Mara Marini, Paul Witten, Nino Mancuso and Sean Wing of "A Play."

Best Feature, Know Your Enemy

Best Horror Feature, Lost in Apocalypse

Best Family TV Pilot, F.A.M

Best T.V. Pilot, Book of Craig

Horror Short, The Spirit Room

Foreign Short, Rendezvous with God

Narrative Short, The Zim

Comedy Short, A Play

Doc. Feature, Never be Done

Documentary Short, Syria's Tent Cities

Music Video,  'Till they're Back

Animated Short, Temptation of St. Francis

Actor/Feature, Farshad Farahat, "Know Your Enemy"
Actress/Feature: Nora-Jane Noone, "Know Your Enemy"

Best Actor/Narrative Short: Richard Portnow, "Punch the Coyote."

Best Actress/Narrative Short: Mair Flores, "Modern Slave"

Best Actress/Comedy Short: Mara Marini, "A Play"

Best Actor/Horror Short: Eric Connelly "The Spirit Room"

Best Actress/Horror Short: Trisha Molina "The Spirit Room"

Best Web Series: "Strange City"

Best Director/Narrative Short: Matt Van Tine "Jackal"

Best Director/Feature: Randy Feldman, "Know your Enemy"

Best Cinematography/Short: C. Clifford Jones, "Baby Steps"

Best Student Film: "Off to the Races"

Best Screenplay/Feature: Michael Thibault, Pedro Jimenez, "Clocking the T"

Best Screenplay/Short: Rich Van Tine "Jackal "

Best Director/Horror Short: Adam Jay Ung, "The Spirit Room" 

Best Actor/Web Series: John Phillips, "The Audition"

Best Actress/Web Series: Ana Lake, "Tracy Buckles"

Best Comedy Feature: "Electric Love"

Outstanding Comedy Ensemble: "A Play"

Best Science Fiction Short: "Kiptoe vs. Robot"

Best Director/Horror Feature: Sky Wang, "Lost in Apocalypse"

Best Documentary Feature: Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story

BEST COMEDY PILOT: "The Book of Craig"

BEST COMEDY PILOT: "Pretty Ass White Girl"

Best mini short: "Odyssey"

Best Actor - Comedy Short: Brendan Dowling, "Curtains"


Best actor comedy feature: Chris Perillo "Nothing from Something"

Best Original Song for a Short: Erika Wester "Overqualified"

Best Original Song for a Short: Max Quilici "Echoes of You"

best original score for a short: Jack Gilpatrick "Modern Slave"

Best Director comedy short: Nino Mancuso "A Play"

Best Screenplay comedy short: Paul Witten, Sean Wing, Mara Marini "A Play"

Best TV Pilot script: The Masses by Toni Nagy

Best TV Pilot script: Bobbi & Olivia by Staci Greason and Joe Gironda

Best Cinematography Feature: Xiaowei Wang, "Lost in Apocalypse"

Best original song for a feature: "Being No One" by Zack David "Clocking the T"

Best screenplay micro short: Lauren Shine "Kitchen Sink Classic"

Best Ensemble in a Short: "Dr. Sugar"

D.Lacy, Jr. Social Justice Award: "B.O.L.O."

D.Lacy, Jr. Social Justice Award: "#SLUT"

D.Lacy, Jr. Social Justice Award: "Modern Slave"

D.Lacy, Jr. Social Justice Award: "The Talk"

Best Actress Comedy Feature: Kassie Thornton, "Chasing Sunshine"

Best Acting Ensemble, Feature: "A Prayer for the Damned"

Outstanding Special Effects: Zach Brinkerhoff "A Hollow Point"

Best Director for a Short: Stephen Ward, "Fickle Bickle"