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Friday, Nov. 3rd

Developing Destinations

Developing Destinations steps outside the realms of normal travel shows, delivering stories of hope, dreams and adventure from around the globe.

Dir. Sean Cassar     65 m.

A Life Devoured

An impulsive girl curses her ex-boyfriend, wishing his death after a break-up.

Dir. Daniel Orosz   22m.

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BLOCK #2   3:15 pm

Magic Radio

A magic radio gives a high school student ability to experience the future within 10 seconds, however nothing can change his life but himself.

Dir. Meng Yu

Early Mourning

A successful photographer is living the life of her dreams, with the love of her life in New York City. Their idyllic happiness is shattered unexpectedly, and she struggles to accept the reality of her loss.

Dir. Ben Hartley     6m.     Narrative Short

The Immaculate Misconception

Belief, family and honor. Sinead, underage, pregnant and a virgin, lives with her grandparents. Her grandmother, the matriarch of this dysfunctional family and a pious Catholic, will stop at nothing to get this birth proclaimed immaculate.

Dir. Michael Geoghegan    25 m.      Narrative Short

Til Death do us Part

When tragedy strikes a young couple, insanity and heartache drive them apart; they must rediscover the love they once had, or risk losing it all.

Dir. Immanuel Baldwin     12m.      Narrative Short

Heath Takes a Trip

When a famous writer suffers a breakdown, a stranger takes him on a road trip.

Dir. Ted James     24m.

End Unsung

One man's journey through chaos, time, and space to find his son.

Dir. Rolf Lindblom      9:04    Web Series

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The Spirit of Isla Vista

Isla Vista: The Rock Opera aims to be a pioneer in the still largely unexplored genre of comedy web musicals. This 6-episode, 13-song musical odyssey celebrates the reign of youthful abandon in college towns like the beachside beauty Isla Vista, and runs on themes of young love, environmentalism, and career confusion. Guaranteed tunes stuck in your head.

Dir. Adam Courtin    15 min.    Webseries

Miriam's Balloons

“Miriam’s Balloons” is the story of Atropos, the 3rd sister of the Moirai (the 3 Fates of Greek mythology), as a little girl who sees human souls as colorful balloons she must sever from the dying. 
She is alone for eternity, that is, until she meets Miriam, a young terminally ill cancer patient who is unafraid of death and befriends her.

Dir.  Dan Czerwonka    10 min.      Horror, Fantasy short


The story of Viktor, a daring Viking on the adventure of a lifetime. His travels come to a grinding halt when he meets the adorable love-sick Kraken, Kaimana, who falls in love with the anchor on Viktor's mighty ship. The two face off in an epic conflict of wit which teaches both of them that love is blind as far as the eye can 'sea.'

Dir. Cheryl Briggs, Brianna Jaeger  & Jared Bittner    7 min.     Animation

Helping Hands

Chris Chumsky is an aspiring filmmaker trying to make it in the film industry. Hired as a production assistant, he slowly but surely realizes that making movies isn't always as magical as they seem on screen.

Dir. Mike Jacobson     16 min.      Comedy Short

The Love Suckers

Larry Thomas (The Soup Nazi from "Seinfeld") stars as a therapist who gives some unusual advice to a troubled married couple. Eddie Deezen (Grease, 1941, The Polar Express) and Caryn Richman (The New Gidget, A Very Brady Christmas) also star.

Dir. James Politano   15 min. Comedy Short


Years after his last bestseller, washed-up novelist Wesley Crane scores a new success: a masterpiece, ghostwritten by Satan, himself. The price, for Wesley's recovered glory? His heart and soul.

Dir. Tyna Ezenma    8 m.  Horror Short

Cartoon Characters

The morning after a night of revelry, an affecting twentysomething tries to usher his one-night-stand out of the house as quickly as possible.

Dir. Carey Kight    9:30 m.      Comedy short

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8 PM

The Circle

An estranged father reunites with his young son in Depression-era America after the sudden death of the boy's mother.  Starring  Ryan Phillippe.

Dir. Sheldon Schwartz      10 min.    Narrative Short

Imaginary Friends

A comedy about the strained relationship between  a woman and her imaginary friend.

Dir.  Jason C. Brown     14 min.     Narrative short

No Refunds

A shop manager finds out that the IRS is all business... funny business.

Dir. Andrei Mirzoyan    7 min.    Comedy Short

Dropping the Soap

Shit’s about to get real for the cast and crew of the long-running (awful) soap-opera “Collided Lives” when new Executive Producer Olivia Vanderstein (Jane Lynch) shows up to shake things up.

Dir. Ellie Kanner      12 min.      Comedy Web Series

A Magician

After witnessing a man behave violently towards his girlfriend, someone decides to intervene.

Dir. Max Blustin    3:20 min.        Narrative short

Brian for Hire

An unemployed accountant accidentally records a video saying he would do anything for work. When his slacker brother posts it online, bizarre job offers start coming his way.

Dir.  Krishna Ribeiro    20:30     TV Pilot

Post No Bills

On an urban city wall plastered with posters Noodle Boy must make his way through a series of obstacles and challenges in order to save his crush, Miss Fortune from the city's clean up crew.

Dir. Robin Hays    4:44 min.      Animated short

The Split

When Harper tries to return the key to her ex-boyfriend's apartment, she's greeted by every jealous ex-girlfriend's worst nightmare. 

Dir. Melissa Burns   9  min.       Comedy short

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