Block 1

1 to 3 pm


Recycle Woman (22m )

dir. by Donald Lacy


In a world plagued with pollution, global warming and green house gases, a hero rises to save the planet for our children's children: RECYCLE WOMAN.


Hereditário (20m, Brazil)

dir. by Sérgio Lacerda, Johil Carvalho


Three brothers are asked by their father to participate in a mysterious job.


A Good Wife (18m, India)

dir. by Linda Brieda


Women in rural India share their struggles against a conservative, patriarchal society.


Rose, Mary and Time

(38m, United Kingdom)dir. by Hardeep Giani


Is life governed by Kismet, or can we change our life path?


Humanoid (4m, South Korea)

dir. by Woo-Hyuk(Dooboo) Kim


This song starts at the end of a love - the love never shown.


Block 2

3 to 5 pm.


The Passage of Time (69m, U S A)

dir. by David Habif


A  look into the perspectives of real individuals in regard to the subject of growing older.


Things Are Really Insane (20m, U S A) dir. by John William Ross


A storm rages outside, but it is within the walls of her home that a woman finds her life spinning out of control.



Block 3


5 to 7 pm



Chasing Paradise (5m, U S A)

dir. Stanchfield and Akiya


When a tourist's camera is unexpectedly taken by the Hawaiian owl, a wild chase ensues.



5 TROPOI NA PETHANEIS (5 WAYS 2 DIE) (15m, Cyprus)

dir. by Daina Papadaki


Makis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.


Put It In My Soup (5m, U S A)

dir. by Delayna Myers


Over lunch, two execs interview a job applicant.  They aren't too impressed with him - until he orders soup.



Be With Me (44m, U S A)

dir. by Michael Terrill


A family unites to help their son recover from autism.



I Know You (8m, UK, Netherlands) Gerrard and Gallorini


Block 4


8 to 11 pm


Opening Ceremonies


Live entertainment, free food and drink



My Guy Cary Grant (11m, U S A)

dir. by Chris Ekstein


A blocked historical romance writer is put through a humiliating meeting with a matchmaker.



dir. by David Bianchi


Sara lives in the harsh inner city - a world surrounded by bars and concrete. Break the Bars explores the ideal places where our children should live.


Poker Donkey (18m, U S A)

dir. by Laura Ranney, Roger Ranney


A middle-aged psychologist on the mend from a crippling gambling addiction  must face his demons when forced to treat a young, washed-up World Poker Champion.


Sheltered Love (10m, U S A)

dir. by Alex Italics


In blissful 1950s suburbia, a lovestruck bobbysoxer and her no-good-nik boyfriend seek refuge from her overprotective and hot-headed father.


Real Food (3m, USA)

dir. by S. Sturla

A 10 year old boy is tired of playing house and eating imaginary food.






























Block 5

1 to 3 pm


Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution (14m, U S A)

dir. by Matthew VanDyke


The Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians, a male rebel fighter and a female journalist



A man since long time (17m )

dir. by mahmoud yossry


Young Egyptian men face cultural and religious rules curbing their expression of sexuality.



Masheenee Alcketiara (4m,  Kuwait) Music video.

dir. by Ema Shah


Kuwaiti girl leaves her tent and mother to explore the modern world.


Opacity (21m, U S A)

dir. by Nick Testa


An invisible man must face his fears and take control of his life before he slips back into the shadows.


If We Were Adults  (21m, U S A)

dir. by Michael Fitzgerald


Mitch and Izzy are the last unmarried couple in a group of friends and so out of spite and with the help of a little booze, they decide to take the plunge.


Barren (12m, U S A)

dir. by Devin Scott


A tale of a mother's love, or more precisely a lack thereof.


Block 6


3:15 to 5pm



dir.Ashlynn Yennie, Meg Schmidt


Two girls share their previous evening's exploits over a cup of coffee. The truth comes out when they hit the bottom of the cup.


Avenge My Eyes (10m, U S A)

dir. by Alex Jason Kaplan


A twenty year old girl plans to avenge the murder of her parents.


Somnaire Aude (8m, U S A)

dir. by Joshua Mabie


In a future where a boy is forced to live in an isolated environment, a stranger breaks in and shatters the walls of his perception.


Handle With Care (7m, U S A)

dir. by James Roddy


A man, at the end of his ropes in life, decides to make his final phone call to a 1-900 phone sex operator.



Mr. Brocklehurst (26m, U S A)

dir. by Jordan Shelby


A college admissions officer and a student have an unexpected impact on each other's lives.


Jason in Wonderland - Ceasefire and DMZ (23m, South Korea)

dir. by Jason Donghyuk Jeon


Jason returns to his homeland to explore Korea's Demilitarized Zone.



Block 7

5:15 to 7:15


Madam Sarina's (16m, U S A)

dir. by Donnie Hobbie


Issy tries to hide her bizarre family from a college scholarship official.


For Auld Lang Syne (29m, U S A)

dir. by Kiarash Reghabi


After meeting the girl of his dreams at New Year's Eve party, Matt is forced to take care of his drunk ex-girlfriend and answer the age old question-- Should auld acquaintances be forgot?



Nothing Like the Sun (19m, U S A)

dir. by Jonas Banks


A vampire couple, together for over 200 years, come to a crossroads in their marriage when the husband decides he wants to become human again.



Monkey With a Mustache (13m, U S A)

dir. by Chris Mammarelli


A broken hearted father tries to put the pieces of his life back together by moving on.



Block 8

7:30 to 9:30


"Fade Away" Music Video (5m, U S A)

dir. by Jethro Rothe-Kushel


Combining forces with Flash Mob America, Nikhil Korula takes us on a journey of splendor and color on the Santa Monica Pier


Crimson's Kiss (8m, U S A)

dir. by Jordan Rader


Nothing in Los Angeles (94m, U S A)

dir. by Rob Herring , Alexander Tovar


Block 9

9:45 to 11:30

9 FULL MOONS (103m, U S A)

dir. by Tomer Almagor


Two radically different personalities take a stab at a relationship and struggle with their personal demons as they try to hold on to one another against insurmountable odds.



Block 10


1 to 3 pm


Woman To Woman (5m, U S A)

dir. Bay & Radoslavof


A Lesbian Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Trans-gender music video which depicts Love between Woman to Woman!


From Farm To Table (5m, U S A)

dir. by Gabrielle Giacomo


Eco-documentary film showcasing a school's commitment to integrating stewardship of our earth's resources into its curriculum.


Chew on This: Dangers of American Diet Exposed (84m, U S A)

dir. by Gary Null


Block 11

3 to 5 pm


Words Can't Describe (13m, U S A)

dir. by Diego Gonzalez


If he is to approach the girl of his dreams, a mime must find a way to regain his voice.


Level 2 (18m, U S A)

dir. by Spyros Kopanitsas


In a world where people are plugged in 24-7, a humble boy asks out a high-status girl, but when he doesn't have access to her 'level,' he has to try and hack his way into the virtual bar where they are supposed to meet.


Jens Jensen The Living Green (53m, U S A)

dir. by Carey Lundin


Jens Jensen rose from street sweeper to 'dean of landscape architects' to pioneering conservationist when he risked his career to stage the Dunes Pageant, the world's first environmental event.


dis-connected (10m, U S A)

dir. by Adam Marino


A young man named Tommy copes  with the death of his best friend Miguel.



Block 12

5 to 7 pm


STARPOCALYPSE - Pt1 (20m, U S A) dir. by Jason Axinn


10,000 years after the last religious human flees earth, the final professor of literature, philosophy, and theology begins the Apocalypse in a desperate bid to keep his job.


The Mating Game (6m, U S A)

dir. by Lydia Baikalova


Take one guy and one girl. Have them go one a date. Add an ill-mannered flirty waiter. Add a walk home and some expectations. Then, make it an evening gone wrong and let their friends have a juicy discussion about it.


Tag (5m, U S A)

dir. by Freeland Shreve


A father and his young son make a game out of shooting the groundhog that's terrorizing their vegetable garden... it's kind of like tag.


I-589 (15m, U S A)

dir. by Dennis Casali


An illegal immigrant is forced to place her trust in the United States legal system, which may resultin  her losing her daughter in pursuit of her dream.


Dishdasha (3m, Kuwait)

dir. by Kholoud Alnajjar


A Kuwaiti mother and her eight year old son gets kicked out of the house by her husband. She finds herself unable to find housing because of the unfair and discriminating laws.


A Flower and the Blue (7m, Kuwait) dir. by Kholoud Alnajjar


A girl thinks she has found love which will get her out of her cultural prison, only to find herself trapped in a more conservative future. 


Stay In The Car (24m, U S A)

dir. by David Keith


A couple becomes stranded and trapped inside their car at night in the middle of the desert while something lurks outside.


Block 13

7 to 9:30


The Secret Life of Rocky Perone (7m, USA0

dir. by S.Sturla
The true story of Richard Pohle, who, at the age of 36 changes his identity and becomes 21 year old "Rocky Perone." 



ROCK AND ROLL THE MOVIE (90m, U S A)dir. by Darren Dowler


A wanna' be music agent, a never-was, burned-out, beer bellied rock-star hopeful, a 57' T-Bird, a wager with a scumbag agent mentor, hot chicks, blazing rock and roll and hilarious comedy wrapped in an underdog does good story.


Block 14

9:30 to 11:30


Playing with the Devil (7m, U S A)

dir. by Nick Stentzel


While home alone, three sisters conduct a Japanese ritual of Hitori Kakurenbo or 'One Man Tag' with their beloved doll. Terror ensues as the girls realize that one should never play a game with the Devil.


Rise Again (108m, U S A)

dir. by Craig Ross Jr


In the days following the Civil War, two brothers, Confederate veterans, who were turned into vampires in a POW camp, have to use the only trade they know besides soldiering - farming - to raise money they need to become human again and return to their family,



Block 15

1 to 3 pm.


Cassandra (14m, France, U S A)

dir. by Guy-Roger Duvert


Two thieves infiltrate a besieged medieval city, in order to retrieve an artifact. They thought they had nothing to lose. They were wrong.


A Horny Ghost Named Buster (4m, Canada)

dir. by Alanna Nish

An unearthly tale about a singing ghost who haunts the subways of the city.


Chimerical (12m, UK)

dir. by Johnny Pickavance


An ex-couple discuss the perfect murder over a competitive game of chess.


Ticket To Ride (18m, U S A)

dir. by Matt Allen

A store clerk and his cat get stuck between two best friends and 70 million dollars.


Bulletproof (35m, U S A)

dir. by Peter Lazarus

Benny Jackson utilizes the legend of his great great grandfather to help him save his saloon.


Jealousy (14m, USA)

dir. Adele Slaughter


A woman's intuition drives her to read her husband's emails. Discovering he is having an affair, she becomes consumed by her compulsive snooping.


Block 16

3:15 to 5:15 pm


Ocean (4m, U S A)

dir. by Tory Nelson


A riveting story told through dance of a couple addicted to each other's love.


Steve's Quest: The Musical

(8m, U S A)

dir. by Chris Edgar


An animated musical web series, is the raucously rockin' tale of a young software engineer and his struggles with love, work and writing a sci-fi novel.


Kettled (8m, United Kingdom)

dir. by Christopher Ashman


When two students find themselves locked out of their gated community, they don't just lie back and take it,



The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain (18m, Brazil, U S A)

dir. by Gui Pereira


A young and frightened Billy goes on a journey with his older brother Johnny, to the Old West.


Sea of Tranquility (23m, U S A)

dir. by Anand Vaneswaran


A lonely hitman, living amongst the ghosts of his victims, finds redemption in the form of a woman who hires him to kill her.


The Interview (13m, U S A)

dir. by Whit Spurgeon


An absurd take on the terrors and foibles of the modern job interview.


The Heeler (11m, U S A)

dir. by Justin Steele


The resurgence of the Cooper brothers into the professional world of team roping.


Block 17

5:15 to 7:15 pm


Hit Me - Dennis Gomes vs. the Las Vegas Mob (42m, U S A) T.J. Mancini


The undercover of skimming in Las Vegas Casino's in the 1970's.


Dog (13m, U S A)

dir. by Tyler Nisbet


An angry young man decides to exact vengeance for Islamic extremist terrorism by threatening an innocent Arab neighbor and his dog.



dir. by Tony "Phruishun" Spires


A opportunistic comic decides to take his chances and steal his way to fame and fortune.


In the Black (13m, U S A)

dir. by Vincent Talenti


After realizing not all has been lost, a lieutenant is determined to regain control.


Block 18

7:30 to 9:30


Solstice (5m, U S A)

dir. by William Foard


Solstice captures the mood from America's West Coast as humankind bathes in the flickering light at the end of the longest day.


10 Cent Pistol (91m, USA)

dir. By Michael C. Martin


Two lifelong criminals maneuver through the shady underbelly of Los Angeles in search of wealth, love and redemption.


Block 19

9:30 to 11:30


John Butler Trio - Only One (4m, Australia)

dir. by Ben Young


Pied Piper inspired music video set in a zombie apocalypse.


The Hands You Shake (93m, U S A)

dir. by Kent Lamm


Three college grads, a pair of criminals, $1.5 million, and the recession collide in one chaotic night in Los Angeles.



Block 20

1 to 3 pm


Succubus (15m, U S A)

dir. by Michelle Sainz Castro


A man struggles struggles with his conscience in order to protect a girl from danger,


Welcome Home (11m, U S A)

dir. by Daniel Tomlinson


Upon his return home from Iraq, he is welcomed back with a surprise party get together with friends and family. At the surprise party, things begin to unravel in a way he never would've imagined.


Boome & Slade (12m, U S A)

dir. by Eric Jaffe


Two recently-canceled sitcom characters invade the mind of their creator to prevent him from moving on to original material, but writer's block has unintended consequences.


Edward the Damned

(15m, U S A)

dir. by John Weckworth


What is it Edward is hiding beneath his wig? To the people around him he seems an average bloke. But tonight his insidious secret will finally see the light of day in a reveal you won't soon forget.


Curtain of Water (53m, U S A)

dir. by Joe Guerriero


Photographer Joe Guerriero sets out to make sense of the U.S. trade embargo of Cuba.


Block 21

3:15 to 5:15


ReMoved (13m, U S A)

dir. by Nathanael Matanick


A10 year old girl navigates her way through the foster care system after being removed from her home and separated from her younger brother.


The Usual (10m, U S A)

dir. by Dawn Higginbotham


During a time of uncertainty, a well-to-do couple is shown a kindness from someone most unexpected.


The Council (17m, U S A)

dir. by Beau McCombs


While talking to the girl of his dreams, Theo gets an Idea for a joke. At this moment we go INSIDE Theo's brain and follow this Bright Idea as he fights past Insecurities to get to The Council Chamber so he may be approved to be said out loud.


Turlock: the documentary (50m, U S A) dir. by Keegan Kuhn


50,000 animals are left to starve to death in Turlock California. Faced with the largest animal neglect case in US history, ANIMAL PLACE, a sanctuary for farmed animals, puts everything on the line in an effort to save as many lives as possible.


Block 22

5:15 to 7:15


A Private Act (28m, U S A)

dir. by Judyann Elder


A young widow is perversely ambushed by the very man who orchestrated the torture of her husband during Argentina's notorious 'Dirty War.'


The Last Session (21m, U S A)

dir. by Tripp Weathers


A marriage counselor uncovers the lies his patient has come to believe about her husband.


SuperFLY (8m, U S A)

dir. by Mark J. Howell


A young boy (Charlie) finds freedom from a terminal illness through his convictions of being a superhero.


Super (17m, U S A)

dir. by Paul Goleburn


Celebrity superhero Mr. Marvelous is put on trial for the murder of his wife and must prove his innocence to regain the trust of his beloved city.


Into the Dark (14m, U S A)

dir. by Lukas Hassel


Two men, strapped in back to back, on a journey from Moon to Earth.Just Reality. Real Justice.


Block 23

8:30 to 11:00


Closing night Award Ceremonies.  Live Music, Free food and drink.