10 Cent Pistol,  Nothing in Los Angeles and The Hands You Shake

the big winners at the Studio City Film Festival Awards!


Best Picture: "10 Cent Pistol"


Best Actor: (Feature) Chris Fornataro, "The Hands You Shake"


Best Actor (Short Film) Curtis Armstrong, Poker Donkey


Best Actress (Short Film) Teri Polo, "The Last Session"


Best Actress (Feature) Jena Malone, "10 Cent Pistol"


Best Screenplay (Feature) Alexander Tovar "Nothing in Los Angeles"


Best Screenplay (Short) Evan Bernstein, "Mr. Brocklehurst"


Best Director (Feature) Kent Lamm, "The Hands You Shake"


Best Director (Short) Anand Vaneswaran, "Sea of Tranquility"


Best Comedy Feature "Nothing in Los Angeles"


Best Comedy Short: "5 Ways to Die"


Best Narrative Short: "Into the Dark"


Best Documentary "Turlock"


Best Music Video "Fade Away"


Best Student Film "Sheltered Love"


Best Animated Short "Chasing Paradise"


Best Documentary (Short) "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution"

List of winners below - Pictures to follow on June 10th. Thank you to all of those that made this such a memorable event!


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